• KHATAVAHI - Multiple account debit & credit ledgering, Auto opening closing balance, Reports with social media sharing, Personal & Business Income Expense, Total Due & Receivable. PDF & EXCEL REPORTS.
  • INTRODUCTION - The application is basically maintain multiple accounts income/credit and expense/debit and give closing balance for each accounts and also give you overall closing balance of your personal or business/ how much receivable or payable.
  • DAILY ACCOUNTING - Khatavahi created with the intension of make small business entrepreneur and startups to keep their daily accounting in simple way. They can maintain their account anywhere or any time.
  • Ledger Accounting - Khatavahi is made for those who need daily credit and debits for multiple ledger and also whats their ledgers to be exported in the form of PDF and EXCEL with daily, monthly or custom filters.
  • OFFLINE - This application stores the data in your phone so it can be run without internet.
  • SIMPLE - Khatavahi is designed in such a way that it is very simple for user to operate it. The daily work of the users are maintained in single page. All the ledgers and ledger reports are on the same page so it become very simple for user to analyse all the financial summary.
  • USED BY - 1. Kariyana / Grocery  2. Pan galla  3. Personal Expense Manager 4. House expense Manager 5. Paying guest (PG) / sharing account 6. Small Business Accounting etc.
  • REPORTS - Khatavahi generates a reports with filters and can be exported in form of PDF & EXCELS. The report can be shared directly to WHATSAPP in well defined format.
  • BACKUP & RESTORE - Khatavahi has the ability to backup the data and the backup file is stored in your phone so you need not to worry about data privacy. But one thing you should keep in mind that you do not delete backup files otherwise you will lost your data.  The restore procedure is even simple, you just need to select the backup file from list of your backup files and the data restored automatically. :)
  • CLOUD BACKUP & RESTORE - By registering with google plus account user can backup online so in future can restore that data till date. This feature ensure that even if you lost device or local data you can login from the same account you registered and restore cloud backup from there.
  • MULTIPLE LANGUAGE SUPPORT - Khatavahi supports multiple languages. You can set your language in which you are comfortable. Following languages are supported:
  • 1. English
  • 2. Hindi
  • 3. Gujarati
  • 4. Spanish
  • 5. Chinese
  • 6. German
  • OTHER FEATURES - 1. Currency Number System 2. Customers PDF with Closing Balance 3. New Customer Add using Contacts 4. Today's Total Credit and Debit shown on Dashboard
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  • FREEWARE - This app is totally free and no hidden cost.

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#PersonalExpenseManager, #CreditDebitEntryBook, #LevadDevad, #UdharJama, #DebitCreditApp, #DebitCreditLedger, #UgaraniBook, #LedgerBook, #CreditDebitBook

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